Recent Survey EU Future & Brexit: Representative public opinion survey across all EU member states (May 2019).

Just ten days before the European elections voters across the Continent remain deeply divided on whether these elections will deliver change. One in two (49%) expect positive impact while slightly fewer (41%) feel the elections will not result in change within the EU.

Majorities of citizen on both sides of the Channel want more flexibility from the EU in the Brexit negotiations so that a deal is reached.

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Voice of the People 2018 End of Year Survey

End of Year Survey (EoY) is an annual tradition initiated by and designed under the chairmanship of Dr. George Gallup in 1977. This year it was carried out by the Gallup International Association and partners in 58 countries around the world.


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Gallup International Survey: 100 Days of Iraq Government


IIASS (, Member of Gallup International in Iraq, released few days ago the first poll about the 100 days operation of Iraqi government. The survey was conducted F2F/CAPI between January 20th–30th, among proportional random sample of 1300 respondents.

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Recent Survey A rare survey of public opinion across all 14 regions of Syria (March 2018).

On the 7th anniversary of the start of the conflict, new research from ORB International (Member of Gallup International Association) has found Syrians now expect Assad to claim victory in the battle for Syria. 52% think the Regime will likely win the war, up from 42% when the same poll was conducted in 2017.

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Gallup International Association (GIA) forum in Yerevan, Armenia

Armenian Premier welcomed the holding of the 71st annual GIA forum in Yerevan and the participation of international experts. Nikol Pashinyan stressed the need for continued improvement in the quality of political studies, exchange of experience and analysis-based objective assessment of upcoming reforms, government’s activities and etc.

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Recent SurveyGallup International Association opinion poll in 24 countries across the globe (December 2017).

Global disapproval of President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. More than two in three disagree, in the Arab world alone disagreement stands at over 90%.

A majority say the decision gives the Palestinians more justification to use violence to achieve their own state, an increase in terrorism in the Islamic World is expected by those polled around the world.

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North Korea CrisisFears Still Don’t Provoke a Desire for War

Gallup International Association opinion poll in 14 countries across the globe (20 September – 01 October 2017).

A poll out today from Gallup International reveals that 43% of people surveyed believe that it is likely that North Korea will move forward and use a nuclear weapon, 46% believing they will not.

Despite some tense rhetoric in recent weeks our survey reveals that a peaceful diplomatic solution of the North Korea crisis is overwhelmingly preferred over a military solution.

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70 Years Gauging the Pulse of Democracy

“If democracy was supposed to be based on the will of the people, then somebody should go out and find out what that will is.

The right to speak out vigorously on governmental and corporate policies is one of the most staunchly defended freedoms of the Western World. ”

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Gallup International’s Representative for the EU and UK Survey

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Gallup International’s 42nd Annual Global End of Year Survey

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IRAQ: 100 days of Adel Abd Al-Mehdi’s Governmen

Recent National Public Opinion Poll 



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Giving the World a Voice has always been a fundamental part of the Gallup International mission that surveys are an integral part of democracy. Following the traditions of Dr. Gallup and his colleagues, Gallup International has always undertaken projects that it feels will contribute to the greater good of humanity.

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Polling around the globe

Voice of the people 2015

The mission of Gallup International is to give a voice to the citizens of the world. The aim of Voice of the People, 2015 Edition is to help navigate through the constantly changing world and better understand the trends in public opinion and the main issues in the key regions of the world.

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Voice of the people 2006

Voice of the People is the largest worldwide survey. The best pollsters of the planet analyzed this new public opinion superpower for you. Voice of the People 2006 (53,749 citizens polled in 68 countries), is an essential tool for all those who want to discover the latest trends and understand the real issues of globalization.

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The right to speak out vigorously on governmental and corporate policies is one of the most staunchly defended freedoms of the Western World.

The advent of modern public opinion polls, dealing as they do with important political, social and economic issues of the day help to provide an opportunity to let government officials, public and private institutions, and the public itself know where the people stand on these issues.

The usefulness of this mode of public expression is attested to by the fact that every important democracy in the world has now one or more competent public opinion research organization.

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