Dr. Andrei Milekhin

Andrey Milekhin is Со-founder of Russian sociological, business and industry research market. He is Doctor of Sociology and Psychology, Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS) and Eurasian Academy of TV and Radio Broadcasting, Professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU).

Dr. Milekhin is Co-founder and President of ROMIR holding company, operating in 15 countries of the Eurasian zone. Romir is among TOP 50 global research agencies since 2011 (according to Research Rating Ltd).

In the early nineties Andrey Milekhin launched the first Russian peoplemeter panel. Later he focused on political monitoring. During the parliamentary and presidential elections since 1999, major nationwide exit-polls have been conducted, covering 11 time zones. Since 2007 Andrey has been working on Romir household Scan Panel. Now it covers more than 35000 panelists in 180 cities in Russia and Eastern Europe. In 2012 Romir Real Single Source Panel (RSSP) has been launched and is presently operational. In 2015 the product based on the panel data was acknowledged to be the most innovative one within the Gallup International network.

Andrey Milekhin is author of over hundred books, brochures and articles on psychology, sociology, media measuring and marketing research. He is regular speaker on sectoral conferences in Russia and CIS countries and is regularly invited as expert for interviews by leading Russian and international media.

Dr. Milekhin works with Gallup International for over 20 years. He is Board member and Vice President of Gallup International since 2015.