De Las Heras Demotecnia

  • Mexico, 2023

Gallup International welcomes De Las Heras Demotecnia as new member in Mexico

  • De las Heras Demotecnia is an independent Mexican pioneering company with 30+ years of experience in public opinion research in Mexico, founded by Maria de las Heras.
  • With exclusive statistical analysis models, it is one of the few companies in Mexico that directly controls its fieldwork.
  • The added value of De las Heras Demotecnia is proportional to its artisanal process, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness from fieldwork to results, offering customized research, thus affirming that for them, the main source of information is people, and not witticisms.
  • De las Heras Demotecnia carries out its work in accordance with the 2010 Declaration on Professional Ethics of the International Institute of Statistics, and in compliance with international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 20252:2019 and ESIMM v3.0.

Quick company overview:

  • Based in Mexico City, Mexico
  • Quantitative and Qualitative services
  • 25 in-office personnel
  • 40 CATI stations
  • 100 fieldwork interviewers, 25 fieldwork supervisors