Gallup International in Bulgaria delivered the most accurate exit poll results in a turbulent political year marked by unprecedented five national elections

  • Bulgaria, Elections, 2021

Bulgaria’s Gallup International proved traditional accuracy in exit poll and quick counting – in a year of political instability marked by three general elections and two rounds of presidential elections. All Gallup International exit poll publications at the first possible moment of election days along the year turned out to be perfectly accurate with a maximum average statistic deviation of 1.3 %.

For the presidential elections the results were even more accurate:

presidential elections14. 11. 2021 (Round I)14. 11. 2021 (Round I)21. 11. 2021 (Round II)21. 11. 2021 (Round II)
presidential candidateOfficial Results (Central Election Commission)“Gallup International Balkan”
Official Results (Central Election Commission)
“Gallup International Balkan”
Roumen Radev49,42 %49,40 %66,72 %65,80 %
Anastas Gerdzhikov22,83 %24,90 %31,80 %31,80 %


Gallup International was actually the only research institute in Bulgaria to register each of the three key hidden dynamic developments this year: the short distance second place of the emerging “There is Such a People” party in April, its first place in July, as well as and the first place of the “We Continue with the Change” coalition – in November. The agency clearly captured many other specifics of the voting structure, which were later confirmed by the quick count – which was also highly precise.

Gallup International polling institute in Bulgaria remains the undisputed leader in electoral research and the long-term partner of the two key TV stations and the National radio.