Gallup International Spanish Member Sigma Dos presents its new AI based Panel Trustsurvey

  • Spain, 2024


Sigma Dos is participating in the Mobile World Congress 2024, the largest and most influential connectivity event in the world, which takes place in Barcelona from February 26 to 29. The pioneering Spanish market research company, member of Gallup International Association, is presenting, at its own stand in the Spanish pavilion, TrustSurvey, the innovative social analytics platform developed in collaboration with the artificial intelligence department of the University of Salamanca (BISITE) and with the financial support of the RETOS program of the Ministry of Innovation.

TrustSurvey represents an evolution in relation to traditional panels, as it integrates Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Deep Learning in its methodology. Thanks to the combination of these techniques, the platform monitors the digital footprint of the panelists in social networks, comparing this information with their answers in the surveys, which allows obtaining more complete conclusions in real time.

In this way, TrustSurvey becomes a 360° online panel, which combines the advantages of Artificial Intelligence with the rigor of classical sociological methodology. Its features include personalized analysis of variables, responsive design and gamification, and it is presented as the most complete solution for data analysis in different sectors such as health, public administration, media and insurance.

The CEO of Sigma Dos and Vice President of Gallup International, Luis Hernández, emphasizes that Trustsurvey “offers precise insights tailored to the specific needs of each industry, from patient satisfaction to the impact of government policies”. In this way, Hernández stresses, “thanks to the application of Artificial Intelligence, we bridge the gap between data collection and the design of useful strategies for our clients, whether they are companies or public organizations”.

This is, concludes the group's CEO, a “strategic commitment” by Sigma Dos to “technology and innovation” that “adds value” to market research and public opinion studies.

More info: Antonio Asencio (690825297),,

From left to right: Jordi Perez, Technical Director of Innovation and New Products, Gerardo Iracheta, Sigma Dos President, Adrian Heredia, Director of Development and Tecnologies, Luis Hernandez, CEO of Sigma Dos