Syria Poll (March 2018)

ORB International opinion poll across all 14 regions of Syria

March 2018

Syrians now expect Assad to claim victory in the battle for Syria

Over half of Syrians (52%) believe that Assad will win the conflict – a large increase since 2017. Looking to the future, Syrians want free and fair elections across a united Syria. The International Coalition and its partner the SDF are not viewed positively. The situation is getting better in some areas of Syria, and worse in others.

Johnny Heald, Managing director of ORB International:

«This is a rare snapshot of national opinion in Syria, and it’s clear from the results that regional experiences are becoming more polarised, and that outside forces in the conflict are overwhelmingly viewed as negative. This poll shows a large increase in belief that Bashar Al-Assad will likely be the victor at the end of the conflict...something which will do very little to encourage the millions who have fled to return.    There is no immediate light at the end of the tunnel as Syrians enter a 7th year of conflict.»


Sample Size and Mode of Field Work

ORB interviewed a nationally-representative sample of 1001 adults across all 14 governorates throughout Syria – including those under the control of Daesh in Raqaa and Deir Ezzor.  Rather than using an outdated census, ORB has weighted the data to the average unweighted demographic profile from its previous three surveys conducted throughout Syria.   Fieldwork took place 5th – 14th March.